Our latest architectural scale model!

November 22, 2019
Full view of the architectural scale model of the Boren Project


Check out our latest architectural scale model! We just delivered it. This is a great example of an architectural massing model, representing a fast-growing area of Seattle and featuring a focal building designed by our architectural client, Gensler. Over fifty mass buildings in all, with over twenty of the actual buildings being built in just the last five years, including about a half-dozen currently under construction.


The focal building is a beautifully detailed model of a 45-story, mixed-use, mostly residential structure designed by Gensler in the middle of that forest of white towers. The actual building will be situated and Boren Avenue and Stewart Street.


The idea of a massing model is evoke the spatial environment that the new building is set into. Views and sight-lines are clarified. The surrounding structures are painted white to turn the attention to the focal model. The architectural scale model is then used to generate interest in the new structure and to promote unit sales and rentals.