Crafting scale models since 1960


Our laser cutting and scribing tools enables Rauda Scale Models to realize details with beauty, efficiency and accuracy. Your laser cut model will feature an impressive level of precision and clarity. Virtually any pattern or shape can be cut or scribed into a variety of materials to detail your model.

CNC Modeling

Rauda Scale Models CNC machines bring CAD drawings and topographic information into 3D reality with computer precision. Our CNC routing capabilities have enabled us to create 3D terrain maps, flat-cut objects and designs, and even 3D ship hulls. We can cut non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminum, wood, polyurethane foam, and acrylics.

3D Printing

3D printing allows for the finest precision details in our models. We have created models comprised entirely with 3D printed elements, but often 3D printing is employed to add those striking details that set our models apart from the rest. Rauda Scale Models employs all the latest in 3D printing technologies.

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting is a great way to embellish models and displays. For architectural and 3D terrain models Rauda Scale Models adds labels, icons, logos, and signage using vinyl cutting to enhance detail and orient the viewer. We can take your vector art and convert it into a vinyl graphic as a stand-alone piece or incorporate it into a scale model.