New York’s Central Park

December 17, 2019
Architectural scale model of one design alternative for the North end of New York's Central Park

We just added a project the Rauda Scale Models portfolio! It’s one we did a couple of years ago of the north end of Central Park in Manhattan.

Harlem Meer and Lasker Rink and Pool occupy the space. Harlem Meer, the lake, was designed as part of the original Central Park Project. The Lasker Rink and Pool opened in 1966 and had since fallen into disrepair. The City engaged Susan T. Rodriguez Architecture Design, known for sensitively integrating design with its environment, to develop a new alternatives for renovations of these important community facilities.

The architecture studio developed the designs, and Rauda Scale Models created an architectural scale model complete with interchangeable parts to allow the studio to study how each alternative might not only restore, but transform this portion of the park. Each part is easily changed out and adds a dynamic and tactile character to the model.

This proved to be a successful method to analyze each design, providing a way to check sightlines, vistas, and avenues of access to, and through, this heavily used area. Since many stakeholders are involved in the City’s decision making process, models proved elemental in clarifying project goals and inspiring confidence in decision making.