Beijing Financial District

November 1, 2021
Overview photo of the Beijing Financial District building model.

We were contacted by the celebrated Washington DC architect Hartman-Cox to create an architectural model of a new Beijing Financial District building. This building’s design is very traditional, in contrast to the cutting-edge, innovative architectural designs that we are accustomed to seeing built in China these days. As it turns out, this building was intended to serve as a visual bridge between the Soviet-era architecture of the east and the more contemporary designs of the west.


Constructed without the usual surrounding sidewalks and streets, this model was designed to fit into a larger replica of the entire financial district, built halfway across the world. Many of the architectural models that we build are inserts, often a singular building, that fit into a larger site model that has more context surrounding the building.

Our master model makers crafted this beautiful model with interior lighting and intricate exterior detailing, complete with the 900-year-old tree in the planter next to the main entrance. We love these kinds of challenges in model-making and have been accomplishing them for over sixty years now.