Grand Canyon Column

Scale : 1" = 50'-0"

Size : 36" wide x 96" tall

Photo by : Vigo Rauda

This is a wonderful museum scale model of the geological formations that developed into what we see at the Grand Canyon National Park. Not only are typical rock formations represented, all the geological layers that make up the rock formations are depicted in color-coded layers that are shown with the typical patterns geologists use.

The best part of this model is that it directly relates the science of geology with the amazing formations of the Grand Canyon. You can go back in time to the Pre-Cambrian period about 2 billion years ago when the original sediments were laid down. So you can see what role the Hermit Shale and the Esplanade Sandstone play in the red stone layers.

We love this kind of model. It combines the best of the observation and enjoyment that comes with family visit with education and understanding. It truly enhances a person’s understanding of this natural marvel.

Something about this geologic scale model is working, because it is featured on the Geology of the Grand Canyon Area Wikipedia page!