grand canyon nps

Client : National Park Service

Scale : 1" = 3,330' Vertical, 1" = 2,220' Horizontal

Size : 42" x 61"

Location : Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon Village, AZ

Photo by : Audris Skuja

It’s a long ride through the desert that is anything but dramatic. You have a notion of what’s coming. But until you get out of the car and look over the edge, you really have no way to prepare for what you are about to see. The Grand Canyon is so huge and so amazing it almost looks fake.

This incredibly beautiful hand-painted topographic scale model was created to help viewers take in the incredible Grand Canyon and maybe get an idea of how much they weren’t seeing at the overlooks near the visitor’s center. It makes it even more tempting to descend below the rim on a hiking or donkey tour and experience it first hand.

In every direction there are realistic recreations of each arm of the canyon and the Kaibab Plateau on the other side past the North Rim. The colors of the canyon are brilliantly echoed in this truly impressive terrain model, which also details all the visitor areas and park features.