Denali National Park

Client : National Park Service

Scale : 1" = 6700'

Size : 141" Diameter

Location : Denali National Park and Preserve

Photo by : Audris Skuja

At almost 10,000 square miles, it’s hard to believe that Denali National Park and Preserve is only the third largest national park in the U.S. But the other two are Alaskan neighbors, too, so it’s all in the family. Denali National Park offers visitors giant mountains, huge glacial swaths, lakes, tundra, fossils, lots of moose and grizzlies, and a half a million fellow humans each year.

Given the size of the park it’s only fitting that a topographic scale model of Denali would be nearly 12 feet in diameter. Centered around the highest peak on North America, this huge model captures the grandeur of Denali and its surrounding sister peaks and glaciers. Each is clearly labeled. Even the climbing camps for scaling Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) are marked.

The scale of this terrain model is awesome and demonstrates the kind of craftsmanship Rauda Scale Models infuses into every model. With over 60 years experience, it’s the only way we do it.