Rocky Mountain NP

Client : National Park Service

Scale : 1” = 2,770'

Size : 48” x 56”

Location : Beaver Meadow Visitor Center, Estes Park, CO

Photo by : Gunnar Rauda

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited in the National Park Service. The park covers over 265,000 acres of wildlife, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and huge mountains, with the Continental Divide cutting right through it.

Our topographic scale model of this magnificent park evokes the grandeur of the park while making it easily approachable to visitors. Viewers can see all the access routes to and within the park, and all the amenities like picnic areas, campgrounds, and lakeside and mountain hiking trails. The Continental Divide is clearly marked for reference.

We loved building this model and also loved building the durable welded steel base for it. We frequently craft site appropriate bases for our models, oftentimes designed for the extreme conditions of outdoor installations.