Earth’s Mantle

Scale : 1" = 220 miles

Size : 36" diameter

Location : Am. Museum of Natural History, NY

Photo by : Gunnar Rauda

This amazing museum exhibit model detailing convection in the Earth’s mantle is on permanent display as the centerpiece in the Hall of the Planet Earth exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

We were provided a 3d model of the magma “plumes” which we translated into a 3d printable form. The continents were laser cut from an acrylic sphere and frosted, then attached over the assembled and painted plumes.

It was packaged in a very innovative crate of our own design (a coil-sprung crate within a crate) and shipped to New York where it arrived in perfect shape.

Shipping is an important consideration when ordering a professional scale model. The same 60 years of experience Rauda Scale Models has in model making, we also have in shipping successfully.