Tusayan Pueblo

Scale : 1:24

Size : 31-1/2" x 55-1/2"

Location : Grand Canyon, AZ

Photo by : Gunnar Rauda

This museum scale model of the Tusayan Pueblo, at the Grand Canyon National Park, provides a view of part of a civilization that occupied Northern Arizona about 800 years ago! The model depicts only one of over 4000 archaeological sites in the Grand Canyon area.

This particular site, though better preserved than many, remains largely a mystery. Located nearly ten miles from the Colorado River, just south of the Grand Canyon National Park, little is known of its inhabitants other than what can be derived from these ruins.

This fact illustrates one of the values of a museum scale model that is not immediately obvious. The model provides a way to explore and examine the construction without affecting the actual site. The site has suffered from many instances of damage which obscures the history even more. Many features of the actual site have been refilled and recovered for their protection. The museum scale model allows visitors and historians an opportunity to visualize and speculate on the lives of the people of the Tusayan Pueblo.