Liberty Ship

Client : Coastal Georgia Historical Society

Scale : 1:125

Size : 42.25"

Location : St. Simons Island, Georgia

Photo by : Gunnar Rauda

World War II presented many challenges, not the least of which was shipping. The logistics required for supplying troops at countless bases and battlefields, and civilians in areas affected by the global war were an immense challenge.

Great Britain felt the first main effects on their war and home essentials as the u-boats sank cargo ships day after day, pursuing their goal of ruling the Atlantic, and subsequently Britain itself. Their urgent need to replace lost ships was a main reason for the birth of the Liberty Ship program, although by the end of the war the ships had served in myriad missions. Over the course of four years, over 27,000 were built in 19 locations around the United States. In the end, the ships not only fed and supplied Britain, but served as cargo, troop, and relief transports all over the world.

Coastal Georgia Historical Society’s Liberty Ship tribute on St. Simon, Island honors the workers who spent the war building 99 Liberty Ships at Brunswick, Georgia. Their museum scale model of a Liberty Ship is part of their interactive historical displays. Scale models connect with viewers and get the message across like nothing else can.

If you noticed that there are no markings on the museum scale model created by Rauda Scale Models, it is because that while Liberty Ships were named like any other, they did not carry markings identifying individual ships for security purposes during wartime.