mt everest

Client : Boston Museum of Science

Scale : 1:2500

Size : 12' x 16' X 7" tall

Location : Boston Museum of Science, Boston, MA

Photo by : Vigo Rauda

These are images of one of the largest models we have ever built. How appropriate that it is of Mount Everest. This topographic scale model took several months to create. You can see the contour terracing. Each layer was meticulously carved by hand one 5-meter contour at a time. An incredible effort by our founder, Vigo Rauda.

This huge model of Mt. Everest was commissioned by the Boston Museum of Science. Being so large did not seem to inhibit its travel. Before being installed in the museum this model traveled to London, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and various locations in the United States.

We always design our models with travel in mind. Typically, they only travel once, but even that requires design and safety considerations. Whether it is special strengthening or custom cases, we can provide the proper elements to keep the model safe.