Channel Islands NP

Client : National Park Service

Scale : 1" = 2.4 miles

Size : 38" x 45"

Location : Channel Islands National Park, Ventura, CA

Photo by : Gunnar Rauda

Off the coast of California near Santa Barbara and Ventura lies the eight-island archipelago which forms the California Channel Islands. Six islands make up the Channel Islands National Park, and are each very distinct ecosystems. The park is situated on the migratory paths of birds and whales, and features extensive bird nesting habitat, underwater sea caves, and a historic lighthouse.

This topographic, and bathymetric, scale terrain model not only depicts the land masses, but details the undersea terrain as well. This is because the park is used on both levels with hiking, camping, and investigating wildlife on land, along with being a popular diving and boating destination.

The most striking aspect of this model is the color. The deep blue gradates up to a lighter azure, which in turn sets off the lighter browns of the islands and the California coast. The bathymetry has soundings at various intervals, and channels and shoals are clearly labeled. The design of this model is brilliant because the underwater terrain is striking in its drama, beauty, and precision.